5 Minute Workout….WORKS!

We all lead busy lives, my life has certainly changed with my most recent employer, as my hours have increased. We all try to do it all, be that working girl and have a life outside of our professional aspirations. We all have our limits and want to find that perfect balance. Instead of thinking of how I don’t want to come home after long work day and workout, I think how it will make me feel so much more accomplished and happy. I tend to do a lot of “mini” workouts that require 5-15 minutes of my time, outside of my daily cardio (mostly walking.) The fitness guru’s I look to are Denise and Katie Austin and Cassey Ho. Denise has been a fitness expert for over 25 years, and now her daughter, Katie, is following in her footsteps. Additionally, I like to switch things up and follow different exercise entrepreneurs to keep things new and original. Cassey Ho is another great alternative that I look to as well. She has many 5 minute work out series that are seriously good and quick workouts. Take a look at all three! Katie AustinDenise AustinCassey Ho will all get you in the right and inspiring direction!


About Amanda Hodson

I am a 28 year old petite lady. I love social media marketing, fashion, and spreading the love.
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